We have selected our seasonal MIXED box just for you this Christmas.

A variety of fresh produce

If a product is not available then a substitute will be given.

If you feel the box is too big how about making you own. Go to personalised items and make your own Christmas box. Just tell us what day you would like it to be delivered and we will do the rest

1x Bag of Mid potatoes 
2x Bag of muddy potatoes 
1x Cabbage
5x White Onions 
1x Cauliflower 
6x Carrots 
1x Swede
1x Courgette 
1x Garlic
1x Sprout
2x Parsnip

1xCos lettuce
6x Tomatos 
1x Cucumber 
1x Spring onion
1x Cress
2x mixed pepper 

1x  Bunch Banana
6x Apples 
1x Pomegranate
2x Lemon
2x Lime
1x Berry
5x Pears
6x Satsumers 
1x Brown bag mixed nuts
1x Chestnuts 
1x Dates
1x Pineapple

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