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Meet The Team

The friendly faces behind the scenes



Former Owner

"Working on the markets runs in my blood. I put my heart and soul into delivering the best service and produce possible."




"I have worked alongside my husband and our family for around 30 years. We have so much pride in what we do and want to be able to provide for many people / families."



Former Owner

This is the man that started it all  in Chichester for our family. Anthony Coward sadly passed 12th November 2019 due to health complications. He lived and breathed the market and will never be forgotten. 


"I have worked alongside my brother Tony , my sister Maxine and my parents Tony and Sylvia all my life. Now having Tonys wife and my sister and sister in laws sons working for us too it makes my job so enjoyable knowing were all in it together."


"I am one of Tony and Marie's sons who has grown up on the markets. I  recently left the market to become a Kitchen and Bathroom Designer at Wickes Chichester. Being on lock-down I have been put on Furlough by my employer and saw an opportunity to help my parents business out by making them a website and social media page. Our delivery service has been set up since the 24th of March and we are so grateful for all your support" 


Our family run business working on the fruit and veg stall all started in the 1930’s in London Croydon where it was owned by Alfie and Louise Coward. Later passed on to their son and his wife Anthony and Sylvia Coward , who then passed it onto their son also named Anthony Coward and his wife Marie Coward. Both Anthony's known as Big Tony and Little Tony renamed the stall T & T Fruits (Tony & Tony) in the 1990’s and have been working on the Chichester stalls around 40 years.


When the announcement was made that England had gone into lock-down due to this global pandemic COVID -19 we had to rethink and adapt our business as we know many people rely on us and we couldn’t let them down. At this time we didn’t quite know how to adapt the business as all we’ve ever known is working on the stalls. Our sons Mitchell, Sam and Sam's partner Nina came up with the idea of setting up a website where people can place orders for Boxes of fruit and Veg , bags of fruit and bags of salad with free doorstep delivery.


We first set up a Facebook page to see if it would be something people would be interested in and the response we got was astounding. So Sam and Nina set up and designed our website and within 24 hours we were up and running. We put our hearts and souls into this business and we are so happy knowing we are helping so many people / family’s .

We were here before this virus. We are here during the virus and we will be here long after this virus has gone. You can count of us to deliver amazing produce with amazing service.

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A little bit about our business

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