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Fresh produce delivered straight to your door

Look at our amazing produce that goes into our box and bags. 

We understand how serious this time is and we are working tirelessly with our distributors. 
Due to the governments requirements for keeping people safe we have organized the most hygienic method of service and packing. We have our international importer which provide for supermarkets and cruise ships also, they will be packing the products to ensure minimal handling and providing the most sterile environment.
By getting our suppliers to do this so that we can also help the staff to ensure they can also provide for their families during this crisis and keep them in employment for the foreseeable future.



Fresh produce delivered straight to your door!

Fruit, Veg and Salad Box Contains - 

1kg - Salad Potatoes 2kg -  Potatos 2 Bags  - Leeks 2 - Parsnips 3 - Red Onions 3 - White Onions 6 - Carrots 1 - Bag Of Spinach 1 - Longlife Beetroot 1 - Bag Of Baby Leaf 6 Large Tomatos 1 - Cucumber 1 - Bunch Of Spring Onions 1 - Garlic Bulb 1 - Bunch Of Bananas 100g Of Fresh Mint 6 - Apples 2 - Lemons 1 - Prepacked Peaches 1 - Punnet Of Strawberries 6 - Plums 250g Of Prepacked Mushrooms 2 - Peppers 1 - Mustard Cress 1- Cauliflower

Mixed Variety Bag Contains -

New /old Potato’s - 2 onions - 3 carrots - 1 of the following vegetables ( This could be either broccoli , cauliflower or cabbage. It’ll vary on the day due to these being in high demand from our suppliers at the moment ) - 2 parsnip - 1 leek - 1 prepacked sweet corn ( 2 in pack ) -1 avocado - 1 lemon - 1 strawberry - 1 box grape - 3 plum - 3 apples - 3 satsumas - 3 bananas - 3 pears - 1 cress - 1/2 cucumber - 1 little gem lettuce - 3 tomato - 1 pepper - Small bag mushrooms

Fruit Bag Contains -

1 Bunch of Bananas 1 Box grapes 1 Melon 1 Pineapple 5 Pears 5 Satsuma's 2 Lemons 1 Grapefruit 5 Red Apples 5 Green Apples 5 Oranges 5 Plums 2 Boxes of Summer Berries 4 Kiwi's

Very Veggie Bag Contains - 

New/old potato 1 Swede 6 Carrots 4 White onions 2 Courgettes 1 Cauliflower 1 Cabbage 2 Leeks 3 Parsnips 1 Pre-Packed Sweetcorn (2 in pack) 1 bag of Spinach 1 Broccoli 1 Sweet Potato

Salad Bag Contains -

1 packet cherry tomatoes 2 mixed peppers 6 Tomatoes 1 lettuce 1 packet radish 1 packet beetroot 1 cucumber 1 mustard and cress 1 celery 1 bunch spring onions Packet of spinach 1 brown bag of mushrooms 1 aubergine 2 avocados 4 red onions 6 carrots 1 brown bag of salad potatoes 1 lemon 1 lime


Sunday Roast Box

Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Gammon

All boxes come with Potatoes, carrotts, parsnips, swede,

cabbage and cauliflower. Chicken comes with extra lemon and onion. Lamb with mint and pork with bramley apple.

Gammon has extra pineapple and free range eggs

Butchers Specials

 Each week our butcher has a special offer. We have 4 different boxes that rotate each week.


1 x Chicken( APPROX 1 KG)

1 X 450G  Beef mince(Approximately)

1 x Diced pork or steak (you choose)

4 x lamb rump burgers.


1/2 Leg Lamb

450g Beef mince (approximately)

450g Diced Chicken (approximately)

6 x pork loin steaks

1 x Tray Butchers sausages (6)

Week 3

1 Joint Pork 1kg (approximately)

1x 450g Beef mince (approximately)

1 x 450g Diced Steak (approximately) 

4 x Lamb rump steaks

6 x own made pork balls

Week 4

1 x Joint Beef 1kg (approximately)

450g Beef Mince (approximately)

6 x Chicken steaks

1x Bacon (6 rashers)

1 x try home made sausages

1 x eggs (6)


You can have the above on its own or with mixed fruit / veg /salad box. The contents of the mixed boxes are as follows. 

1kg Potato

6x carrots

1x cabbage

1x cauliflower

1x broccoli

6x apples

5x pears

1x bunch banana(5)

4x oranges

1x box grape

1x cos

6x tomato

1 x cucumber

1x spring onion

2x mixed peppers.

**If any items are not available a substitute will be given.

 Multi purpose compost (Seasonal]

Fresh farm eggs

Apple juice 750ml

We have a large variety of fresh apple juice

 Ashmeads kernel, Braeburn, Bramley, Cloudy, Cox and Bramley, Cox, Apple and Elderflower, Apple and Ginger, Pear and Apple, Russet.


We have a variety of food for the garden birds

Why not pop down to







Plus many more : Click here to view our whole range.

We now even have a select and pick option where you can personalise your own bag. Click here to create your own bag.

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