Cox apple juice 750ml x1

Cox apple juice 750ml x1

Ashmead's Kernel

Our oldest variety dates from the year 1700 and for most of its life was found only in Gloucestershire.  Ashmead's has a wonderfully rich, sharp/sweet flavour and if you see the fruit for sale do try one - you won't find a better eating apple.
Sweet - Available in 75cl glass bottles


It would need to be a fine apple to tempt us away from the traditional English varieties and Braeburn is an exceptionally fine variety.  Originally from the far side of the world, it is now grown successfully in Hampshire and produces a lovely, flavoursome juice.
Medium - Available in 75cl glass bottles


A crisp and tangy juice made from the Queen of culinary apples.  The first Bramley tree was raised by Betsy Brailsford in Southwell, Nottinghamshire in about 1809 when she planted a pip from an apple she was eating.  We are reliably informed that, chilled, this is the perfect partner to Polish Vodka!
1-star winner in the 2016 Great Taste Awards
Dry - Available in 75cl glass bottles


The finest English variety of apple produces a beautifully fruity and well flavoured juice.  Originally raised by Richard Cox in Buckinghamshire in 1825, this is the quintessential English variety.
1-star winner in the 2017 Great Taste Awards 
Medium - Available in 75cl glass bottles

Cox & Bramley

A refreshing blend of tangy Bramley and fruity Cox.  This was our original juice and is still our most popular.  A winner of the English Apple Juice Competition at the National Fruit Show.
Medium Dry